Hair Extension Durability: Why It Matters

Over the years, hair extensions have become increasingly popular, giving us ways to switch up our look and try out different styles to enhance the look of our natural hair. In this blog post we will look at why the quality of your hair extension matters.

Okay, so by now, you have seen us talk about ‘Remy’ hair. ‘Remy hair this-‘Remy hair that.’ But what exactly is it and why should this impact your decision when buying hair extensions? Well let’s first talk about synthetic hair.

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Let’s be honest sisters, we’ve all been there, buying synthetic wig after synthetic wig, week after week. The nice thing about synthetic hair is the fact that it’s affordable and can look nice when you first get it. Also you can get a few wears out of it before it starts misbehaving and decides to tangle.  The question is, though, why does synthetic hair frizz and tangle? Synthetic hair extensions are typically made from a variety of man-made fibers like kanekelon and acrylic. The hair goes through a lot of processing to get it to mimic the appearance of natural hair offering a range of style and colours to suit your preference. The key word is that it mimics the appearance of hair and so when excessive force is applied to it, it can cause the synthetic fibres to become frizzy and tangled. When we say excessive force we mean everyday things like brushing, styling or other factors like wind or working out. To cut a long story short, whilst synthetic hair is cost effective and a convenient way to change up your look, it is not a durable option. And durability is definitely key in this economy. Okay so can we talk about something else now? We’ll now look into Remy hair, what it is and if it really is all that.

remy hair

Remy hair is what you’ll hear a lot of hair extension enthusiasts talk about to describe the high quality human hair that has been carefully collected and processed to maintain its natural alignment. Remy hair really is the Queen of the hair extension family due to its superior aesthetic appeal and durability.

We’re going to list a couple of things that show why Remy hair really is the boss:

  1.  Minimal processing: Remy hair goes through minimal processing, unlike synthetic hair, during the collection and manufacturing phase. It’s then carefully arranged to make sure that the hair strands are all uniform in length. The hair is then cleaned and conditioned, carefully preserving its natural identity. What a long process! But all this for you beauties. It’s definitely worth the hard work because Remy hair is the pinnacle of hair extensions.
  2. Cuticle Alignment: Remy hair is sourced from a single donor ensuring that all the hair strands are aligned in the same direction from root to tip. This is a very important step as it mimics the natural pattern of human hair and so when the cuticles are aligned the way they should be, the hair resists tangling and frizzing meaning that you can wear a lot longer than a week.
  3. Versatility in Styling: Remy hair offers versatility when it comes to styling it. It can withstand heat styling tools and even chemical treatments without significant damage. So you can curl your hair one day, straighten it another day, colour it bright purple- whatever you’re feeling.*

remy hair

So in conclusion, Remy hair stands out for all the good reasons. Fine, it is more expensive than the average hair extension but it is more than the average. Remy hair is worth the cost, its durability will remind you of this. Thank us later 😉

*Just don’t chop it off and expect it to grow back- nothing can replace the wonders of God-given hair- not even Remy


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