The Ultimate Guide to Hair Extensions: Types, Installation and Maintenance

Nowadays, hair extensions have really become the go-to solution for us girlies looking to switch up our look by adding length or volume to our natural hair. “But there are so many types of hair extensions out there, different ways to install them and don’t even get me started on maintenance- it’s all a bit much for me.” We hear you. So in today’s blog post we’re going to cover the basics which means that by the end of the article you’ll know all that you need to know on the topic!

Types of Hair Extension

  1. Clip-ins: This type of hair extension does what it says on the tin. Clip-in extensions are wefts of hair with clips attached, which you can just clip into your natural hair. These are quick and easy to install, very suitable for those who want to add volume and length to their hair on special occasions.
  2. Tape-ins: So with tape-in extensions the wefts of hair are applied using adhesive tape. They stay flat against your scalp and blend in with your hair. With the required care and maintenance these can last up to 6-8 weeks.
  3. Weave Extensions: In this method, your natural hair is braided into cornrows and then wefts of hair are sewn onto your braids by needle and thread. These can be a little more on the trickier side to install compared to the previous two mentioned but can provide long-lasting results with regular maintenance.
  4. Micro-links: Micro-link extensions involve attaching strands of hair to your natural hair using small metal beads. These can last for several months.

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Installation Methods 

Some hair extension methods can be done easily by yourself but generally we’d recommend to get a professional hairstylist to do the hard work themselves because at the end of the day, they have the expertise to match the extensions to your natural hair colour, blend them well, and make sure that they are installed properly to prevent damage. Okay so now the hair is installed…what now? Well keep reading to see our G R O L e v e l maintenance suggestions.

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Maintenance Tips

In our Hair Extension Durability: Why it Matters post, we spoke about the durability of Remy Hair-  but with high quality comes maintenance. Here are just come essential tips to consider:

  1. Combing: Use a wide-toothed comb to assist with detangling your hair. Always do it from tip to root to avoid pulling or tugging the hair, which, in the long run, damages the hair.
  2. Washing: Wash and condition your hair extensions. The shampoos we’d recommend would be sulphate-free, extension-friendly ones. Use Silicon Mix Conditioner and sis let us tell you- if you want silky, shiny hair look no further! While washing your extensions is good, remember not to go overboard. Washing your hair too often can lead to dryness. This is just like with our natural hair because over-washing strips our hair of its natural oils. Also gentleness is key so as long as you’re not scrubbing and rubbing the extensions vigorously and as long as you show the hair love, it will show you love back.🥰
  3. Styling: Remy Hair is human hair and so always remember to apply heat protectant spray before using any heat styling tools, just like you would with your natural hair. Opt for styles that don’t put too much stress on the extensions, such as loose braids or up-dos. Watch out for our article that we’ll be posting soon, showing ways that you can style your hair extensions!
  4. Sleeping: Before bed, tie your hair in a loose braid or ponytail to prevent tangling. Use a silk/satin bonnet to minimise friction and to help keep your extensions smooth. We know the feeling. After a long day of work, the minute you get home, you can only hear your bed calling your name. But the difference that a satin bonnet can make to the maintenance of your hair is next to nothing. So maybe keep a few bonnets by your bedside table so that you don’t skip this very important step.
  5. Avoid Chemicals: Minimise your exposure to chlorinated water, saltwater and excessive sunlight, as these elements can cause dryness, fading and tangling. So next time you’re on holiday, soaking up the sun in Cape Verde with your Virgin Remy Island Curl Hair bundles installed, make sure you balance the sun exposure by seeking shade. Also if you’re swimming, wear a swim cap or tie your hair up to protect your extensions.
  6. Maintenance Appointments: Schedule regular maintenance appointments with your hairstylist to ensure the extensions are in good condition. They can reposition or tighten the extensions, and provide you with personalised guidance on proper care.

With the proper care and maintenance, you’ll get the most out of your hair extensions. Feel free to refer to this guide at any point and let us know your thoughts in the comments!🤎


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